The Army Reserve Association (ARA)

Representing the Federal Army Reserve
A Voice for the Army Reserves!

   How we help!

Ö The ARA is the only professional military association dedicated solely to serving the entire United States Army Reserve - officers, enlisted, and civilian’s of all ranks.

Ö The ARA uniquely provides the needed support to make the USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program succeed - at no cost to the USAR.

Ö The ARA’s periodic newsletter, The Army Federal Reservist, helps keep you informed and presents important issues and events affecting you and the USAR, as well as your multiple military and civilian career, and family and employer challenges. In short, we can discuss both your "Strategic Reserve" as well as your expanding "Operational Reserve" duties!

Ö The ARA can speak to the highest levels about your current and future roles, missions, and unique "off-Post" family support needs.

Ö The ARA can present your accomplishments and needs to the Army and elected decision-makers from state capitals to Washington, D.C.

Ö The ARA is committed to the preservation of a strong United States Army Reserve and national defense, including Homeland defense.

Ö The ARA includes serving reservist of ALL ranks, civilians, family members, retiree’s, veteran’s and citizen friends of the USAR.

Our Army Reserve Association
is the strong advocate for you, and the USAR, and all of the trained, and highly motivated federal Citizen Soldier's - United States Army Reservist's! ARA is a part of the USAR's extended family representing all ranks of the USAR - Enlisted, Officers, Civilians, AGR's, and their famlies!

Mission: To be an advocate of a strong United States Army Reserve in support of national defense. (Mission - Structure - personnel - Training - equipment - facilities - families - benefits, and utilization).

Motto: Semper Promptus (Always at hand).

"Representing the Federal Army Reserve."

Provide representation of the USAR at the local, state, and national legislative and leadership levels and to the American people, by informing and educating. The ARA supports the USAR Scholarship Program, which directly benefits Reservist's and their dependents. The ARA also initiates and participates in other not-for-profit programs and public service projects to improve the quality of life and safety of Army Reserve and civilian personnel of all ranks, and their families, as well as retiree's, and veteran's.
"Together we're strong! Join the ARA!"

Our membership: Includes Army reservist and civilians of all ranks, retiree's, veteran's, and citizen "friend's of the ARA". Call us at 1-800-ARMYREServe, find us at, or write to us at: ARA, P.O. Box 711, Winfield, KS 67156-0711

Joining the ARA is easy: If you are an Army reservist, including AGR's (of any rank or grade), a DAC, Status Quo, or Duel status USAR civilian, retiree (including Gray area), an honorably discharged Army veteran, or family member of anyone in these categories, just write to us at: ARA, Field Support Services, P.O. Box 711, Winfield, KS 67156-0711, and include your $18 check to the ARA for your annual membership card. If you have questions,

Email us at:

(Please print your name and address clearly, and identify your status. Your phone number and Email address are optional but helpful if questions arise in processing. Your information will not be sold or given out to others.)

"Together we are Army strong!
             Join the ARA!"

(Find additional contact information on our ARA Officers web page.)

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Celebrating 16 years of continuous service in support of, and
 "Representing the Federal Army Reserve"
Citizen Soldier - of all Ranks!
~ 17 March 1993 to 17 March 2009 ~

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