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WHAT BECAME OF THE ABRAMS DOCTRINE? (See also our Legislative imperatives on our "Volunteers and the USAR" webpage on this website.)

This page is currently being development and will look into substanitive issues for the Army's Reserve to include: WHAT BECAME OF THE ABRAMS DOCTRINE?

You will recall that General Creighton Abrams replaced General William Westmoreland as the commander of the MAVC.  He was promoted to Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in 1972 and died in office September 4, 1974.  Before his death though he implemented what became known as the "Abrams Doctrine" to insure that the Army could never again go to war with a divided nation which lacked the required public support as became the case in the Vietnam war.

In short, his "Abrams Doctrine" placed essential Army units, and skills, into the Army's Reserves, which would insure the Army could not be deployed into sustained and extended combat without the public debate necessary before these substantial numbers of critically essential community based Army Reserve personnel and units could be mobilized. The questions now that need to be asked and answered are: WHAT BECAME OF THE ABRAMS DOCTRINE? Why didn't this doctrine work? Was this doctrine subverted? Should it have been? Was this doctrine flawed from the outset? Does it matter? Was it avoided as a conscious decision by DoD? Congress? The Administration? Everybody?

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